Aviat’s updated Husky has a litter of new tricks

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Aviat Aircraft has updated its A1-C Husky backcountry aircraft with more than a dozen changes including landing main gear, avionics and a new trim system.

The changes are:

  • Trim system
  • Factory extended landing gear
  • Removable rear seat
  • Heated seat options
  • Enhanced VFR and IFR panel with the latest Garmin G500 TXI glass cockpit
  • Genesis S-TEC 3100 autopilot
  • SAM digital standby altimeter.

“The Husky has a proud heritage,” said Stuart Horn, president of Aviat Aircraft. “It’s reliable, safe and built with quality craftsmanship. It has a long-standing tradition for being the best-in-class and now it’s even better.

“If you’ve been considering an upgrade or getting into a Husky for the first time, now is the time to buy. We listened to our customers and have been working hard to make enhancements that we know pilots and passengers will enjoy.”

The new trim system replaces a previous bungee and has an elevator trim tab that reduces trim workload and system pressures. This system increases control stick feedback and provides a more pleasing flight experience.

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The Aviat Husky’s new trim tab.

Extended land gear option for the Aviat Husky should give better landings on slopes and rough ground. It also increases prop clearance.

The new landing gear option extends the gear by four inches, moves the tyres forward two inches and makes the gear 12 inches wider. It makes the aircraft more stable for landing on terrain or slopes and adds propeller clearance, said Horn.

The Husky is a go-almost-anywhere aircraft and to increase its potential load, Aviat has added a quick-release rear seat and rear stick. Add a stick cover and the aft cabin has more than 35 cubic feet of cargo space. In addition, the adjustable front seat now slides forward and aft.

Remove the rear seat and, voila, massive cargo space.

Wow! This is the Enhanced VFR/IFR panel for the 2018 Aviat Husky with Garmin G500 TXI and GTN 750 navcomms unit.

The Husky can be specced with either a standard VFR panel or an Enhanced VFR and IFR panel featuring the 10.6in Garmin G500 TXi touchscreen display. It’s paired with a GTN 750 Nav/Comm/GPS. The Enhanced IFR panel also offers the SAM digital standby altimeter and attitude. The new autopilot is a Genesys Aerosystems S-TEC 3100 Digital Flight Control System, a fully featured, attitude-based autopilot.

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